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OH-TF1 Application Opening


OH-TF1 is the State of Ohio’s US&R Task Force and is also one of the 28 US&R task forces that make up FEMA’s National US&R Response System. OH-TF1 was created in 1998. Prior to the events of 9/11, our core mission was to provide a heavy rescue response to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. However, following 9/11, each of the 28 FEMA task forces was given upgraded equipment and training, and our core mission was expanded to include the ability to perform search and rescue operations in a CBRNE environment. In 2014, FEMA upgraded our mission requirements again to include surface and swift water rescue.

OH-TF1 exists under the joint sponsorship and oversight of the Miami Valley Fire/EMS Alliance (Alliance), a council of governments in the greater Dayton, Ohio area and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA).

Authorized team member staffing of OH-TF1 consists of 210-team members. The 210-team members come from the private and public sectors and consist predominantly of career fire personnel, but also include law enforcement, EMS and hospital personnel, civil engineers, canine handlers, and others. Membership on OH-TF1 is accomplished either through one’s employer (Participating Agency Member), or by the team member contracting directly with the Alliance (Affiliated Member). The Task Force’s membership is also well distributed across the state and region. Currently there are 75 Participating Agencies and nearly 60 Affiliated members. The Participating Agencies are predominantly from within Ohio and extend from Toledo to Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati to Dayton, and back to Toledo. There are also fire departments in Kentucky, Indiana, and Pennsylvania that have personnel on OH-TF1.

Pre-Applicant Process:

OH-TF1 is initiating an application process to fill 35 positions in the following five teams within the Task Force:

OH-TF1 has created a new application process that will screen potential applicants, called pre-applicants, prior to being issued an actual application from the Task Force. This email opens the pre-applicant period. The pre-applicant period is two weeks long; will close at midnight on Friday, April 1, 2022.

Screening of pre-applicants will be conducted by the Task Force Leader (TFL) and Team Manager(s) of the above indicated teams. The TFL and Team Manager(s) will prescreen and interview each pre-applicant; webinar, phone call, or in-person depending on the number of pre-applicants. Some pre-applicants may also have to come to a training event with the team they want to join to be evaluated for KSAs. Specific administrative and training requirements to be a member of OH-TF1 are provided in the pre-applicant website that initiates the pre-applicant phase of the application process.

A person who wants to initiate a pre-applicant phase must click on this link – This will take you to the pre-applicant website where you will have to upload certain certificates and other documentation and answer pre-screening questions for the team position you are requesting an application.

  1. Note: there is a video made by the MyDBSolutions database creator that will explain the process to complete the pre-applicant submittal when you click on the above link.
  2. Note, all questions and identified certificates or documents must be answered or uploaded before the website will allow you to close your pre-applicant request and the website notify the TFL and Team Manager(s) of your submittal.
  3. Additionally, as it will take a period of time to complete the pre-applicant website requirements, if you close out of the website, you can log back in again to continue or finish working on the submittals.
  4. However, once you click on the submittal button, the website will allow you to look at what you submitted, but you will NOT be able to edit or change anything.

Post Pre-Applicant Process:

Following the pre-screening, the TFL and Team Manager(s) will provide the Program Manager the name(s) of the pre-applicants they have determined qualify to be a member of the Task Force. OH-TF1 will then send an email from the Task Force’s database to the identified pre-applicants. When the Task Force application is emailed to the pre-applicant, the person transitions from a pre-applicant to an applicant. The applicant must have all required application documents and trainings completed and certificates uploaded to OH-TF1’s database within four months of the email being sent or their application will be closed.

Additionally, in the past, the Task Force has held people’s applications, in some cases for multiple years, waiting for a position on the Task Force to open. This is no-longer a functional way of doing business. For pre-applicants who are not selected to receive an application, your information on the pre-applicant website will be deleted when the website is closed down. When the Task Force conducts a future pre-applicant process, any person interested in applying to the Task Force will be required to submit all documents and answer all questions again. It may be worthwhile to save at least the documents, if not some of the answers to the questions, in another location to make a future pre-applicant submittal easier.

Anyone with questions should call the Task Force’s Program Manager, Evan Schumann, at 937-608-7379.

Thank you in advance for your interest in OH-TF1.

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