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Shielding Our Protectors Program

There are few among us who do more to protect our communities than local law enforcement officers and first responders. Public safety professionals across Ohio go the extra mile to keep our families safe and free from harm, and we are all indebted to the work they do.

While serving our state and neighborhoods, it’s important that our public safety professionals don’t have to give up their right to vote in order to protect their personal information from those who might seek retribution and cause harm. With that in mind, the Secretary of State’s Office is working to ensure they are aware of their rights to keep personal information private while still being able to participate in elections.

State law provides that peace officers, parole officers, probation officers, bailiffs, prosecuting attorneys, assistant prosecuting attorneys, correctional employees, youth services employees, firefighters, EMTs, or investigators of the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation may redact their home addresses from public databases, such as Ohio's voter rolls. The Shielding Our Protectors program makes this process easy. Individuals who qualify simply need to follow the instructions outlined on our website and submit a redaction request form to their county board of elections.

Please share this information with your network. For those who need assistance or have questions, call the Secretary of State’s Office at (614) 995-1697 or e-mail

Public safety officials dedicate themselves to protecting others and should never have to sacrifice their own safety, or that of their families, to cast a ballot. Thankfully, the Shielding Our Protectors program has been established as an extra resource to keep their information safe and secure.

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