Firefighter/Paramedic - Full Time

City of Mason

Under supervision, this position responds to and controls emergency calls for rescue, hazardous material and environmental control as they may relate to medical treatment, and life-support incidents. Carries electronic communication device and may be on scheduled on-call, or on stand-by. Operates equipment associated with emergency rescue, hazardous material, environmental control, and life-support incidents.

Responsible for ensuring the readiness of equipment, as well as physical and mental self, for response to emergency and non-emergency medical situations. Has knowledge of and adheres to safety procedures and practices at all times. Follows other directives given by the Fire Chief or his/her designee.

This is a public service job based in trust, credibility, and competency. It is a critical requirement of this position that the incumbent displays the desire and ability to perform and behave (on duty, as well as off duty) in a manner that does not damage or endanger the loss of trust with the public, co-workers, and other public safety forces.

Candidate must meet the following qualifications and requirements at time of appointment. Candidates must apply online at to be considered for this position The City will consider lateral appointments.

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