Ohio Line of Duty Death Response

Mission StatementNational Fallen Firefighters Foundation

To provide necessary assistance and support to families and fire departments of fallen firefighters as requested. The primary mission of the team is to provide assistance and comfort to the family and department and help with filing Department of Justice-Public Safety Officer's Benefits, state and local benefits. All other aspects of team functionality are secondary, but are made available because of the possible needs of the families and the fire service throughout Ohio during this difficult time.

To Honor With Dignity

Notification:  In the event of a Line of Duty Death and at the request of the agency sustaining the loss, the team would be deployed immediately. The team serves in a behind-the-scene capacity and offers suggestions based on what the departments needs are as well as the needs of the firefighter family.

To Activate The Response Team, call 1-866-736-5868. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmetsburg, Maryland will answer your call 24 hours a day. Just tell them you are requesting the Ohio Line-of-Duty Death Response Team for assistance. They will ask a few general questions and promptly contact our team members with your request.

If requested by the agency, the Response Team usually stays in place until the funeral services are completed. The duties of the team do not end there; they provide information to the department on an as needed basis to assist the family and department beyond the funeral services. The team will respond with the ability to secure resources that will support the family and department for a firefighter's funeral. Departments will not be burdened with acquiring these items; they will be assisted in providing them for the department's use.

Funeral Service Assistance:  A funeral service guide and protocols have been established to assist the family and department in choosing options to fit the services they desire. Our team utilizes the incident command system and has pre-determined duties assigned to the sector officers. Once again, our team members serve in a behind-the-scene capacity, leaving the members of the stricken department as the "front" people for the services.

Why Should I Call? Did you know that under some circumstances, heart attacks and strokes that occur within 24 hours of a strenuous duty related event might qualify for federal benefits? Currently this federal benefit is over $311,810.00. These are just some of the items we can provide to you. And all of our services are provided to you AT NO COST!



The funeral of a firefighter is deeply rooted in tradition. Those who knew, worked, and lived with their fallen comrade will go through a wide range of emotions.  Fire Departments throughout the State of Ohio have had to, or may face the difficult task of being involved in an official funeral for one or more of its members. One of the most difficult questions the department must decide upon is what type of funeral honors are appropriate for the deceased. In making a decision, primary consideration must be given to the family’s feelings and desires, as well as past or future practices of the department.

Funeral Service Guide



Level of Service

Service Options



These are most items a department will need to assist with the funeral ceremonies. All items are available for use for any firefighter funeral, with priority given to LODD type of ceremonies. Please contact us for information on using these items.

     Resources and Supplies

  • Funeral Bunting (station, engine, ladder)
  • Ceremonial Bell
  • Ceremonial Axes
  • Ceremonial Pike Poles
  • Casket Sized American Flags
  • Fallen Firefighter Mourning Flag
  • 20x30 American Flag (for ladder truck use)
  • 4x6 US, State, Local Flag 4x6 IAFF Flag 3x5 US, State, Local Flag
  • Honor Guard
  • Ladder Trucks
  • Mourning Band Badge Covers
  • Disposable White gloves

First 24 Hour Hot Sheet
Bereavement Uniform Program

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Final Wishes

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundations has developed an Employee Emergency Contact Information form.

Purpose of form: The information in this form provides guidance to your Fire Chief regarding your wishes to be carried out upon your death.

Instructions for completing this Final Request Form: Before completing this form, read each statement carefully, after you have read the form, complete each item on this form. If the item does not apply or you prefer not to provide the Information, specify by writing ‘N/A’ to the item. Please print or type.

After completing the form place it in a sealed envelope labeled Emergency Contact Information and request it be placed in your personnel file.

 Ohio Police and Fire Pension Forms

Family Support

The Ohio Line-of-Duty Death Response Team is a resource that is available to departments who have been stricken with a loss of a firefighter. Team members are trained in many aspects. One of the main focuses our group takes is in relationship to a Line of Duty loss.

In the case of a LODD, there are many necessary notifications on a Federal and State level that are required. Team members are trained to assist departments with the proper notifications as well as the Federal paperwork process.Several team members have received additional training on proper procedures and filing of federal benefit paperwork. This relationship facilitates ongoing training necessary to be proficient when dealing with Line of Duty Deaths, and allows for a prompt response to the families and agencies suffering a loss.

To Activate The Response Team, call 1-866-736-5868. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmetsburg, Maryland will answer your call 24 hours a day. Just tell them you are requesting the Ohio Line-of-Duty Death Response Team for assistance. They will ask a few general questions, and promptly contact our team members with your request.

The Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association divides the State of Ohio into six (6) districts; the response team has representatives in all six (6) districts that will respond when requested. Contact information for members within your districts is listed on the website under contacts. To contact us for non-urgent or routine items, please email info@ohiofirechiefs.org or call the Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association at 1-800-347-3704 for further information.

State of Ohio Benefits


L.O.D.D. Donations

Listed below are those who've donated to the L.O.D.D. fund. Donations are used to better assist the departments and families who've experienced a line of duty death. Our goal is to purchase a trailer that contains the necessary equipment and information that can be taken to each line of duty death funeral in the state.

Firefighters lay their lives on the line everyday to protect the public. When one of them make the ultimate sacrifice, we feel duty bound to provide assistance in a meaningful way. 

Thank you for your kind support and helping us as we work towards this lofty goal.

    1. Dan Atwell from Atwell's Police & Fire Equipment Fire-Safety Services, Inc.
    2. GEICO
    3. Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association, Inc.
    4. Madison Fire District in memory of Paramedic Ashley Lynn Wickert
    5. Mona & Caitlin Jefferson of the Flag Store    

To make a donation online, please click here.

To make a donation via mail, please click here to download the form and remit with your donation.